Mindful Looking – Record & Reflect Sheet age 7-11

Following on from our ‘Belly Breathing’ video or script, use this ‘Record & Reflect’ sheet to do exactly that!

This is an arty activity where the children use their observational skills to draw in detail something that they noticed in their ‘Mindful Looking’ practice. They have to colour in the correct shades and notice where the light and shade hits their objects.



The ‘Record & Reflect’ sheet can be used by the whole class after each practice, or in a small group/1:1 with pupil(s) that may have difficulties concentrating, poor mental health and/or emotional issues. (Please remember to make these groups super flexible as someone may have strong worries and emotions one day and none the next).

You could also print our ‘Mindful Looking’ Instruction Card to store in a ‘calm corner’ of your classroom for children to independently access whenever they feel the need (available on this website).