Rainbow Relaxation – Instruction Card age 5-9

We have also created ‘Record and Reflect’ worksheets for our ‘Rainbow Relaxation’ video which are differentiated for different age groups. Check them out by clicking the ‘Resources – Part 2’ tab.

Show us a photo of your relaxation cards in your classroom by tagging @thementalhealthteacher or using the hashtag #calmerclassrooms

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This is one in a collection of cards that can be stored in the classroom for pupils to access whenever they need to relax/take a time-out/self-regulate their emotions/calm down. It has visual and written reminders on for how to practise ‘Rainbow Relaxation’ independently.

‘Rainbow Relaxation’ is one of our animated videos (see Resources – Part 1 page) that is created to energise the pupils through stretching and deep breathing.

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Instructions for making it into a laminated card are written along the bottom of the page.