Mental Wellness Lesson Builder

Part 1:
Introduction, Teacher Input & Guided Activity
Option A: Videos

For the first part of your lesson, simply play one of our videos to your class. It does everything for you. No planning or extra input from you is required. Think of the video as a virtual teacher!

We recommend watching one video everyday for a week to ensure that the skill is well-practised. Watch the video ‘How to use our Videos in your Classroom’ at the bottom of this page.

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Introduction, Teacher Input & Guided Activity
Option B: Scripts

If you do not have internet access, you could use our Mindfulness Scripts instead of our videos.

Simply print it out and read the script to the pupils. These are great to use in small groups or outdoors. They link well to their relevant videos so children will be familiar with the language and terms used if they have practised with the video previously.

Please note, all of our resources are digital downloads.

These resources should be used to complement and not replace any medical or professional advice. If you are concerned about a child’s health or well-being, please consult a medical doctor.