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Feedback on The Mental Health Teacher’s Resources

Children’s opinions

‘I feel like the happiest man in the world!’

Jayden 8 years old

‘I felt like I was flying in the sky!’

Olivia 7 years old

‘I feel like a new person!’

Emily 11 years old

‘I now feel calm and relaxed.’

Jack 9 years old

“I did my Mindful Breathing when my brother was annoying me. I went to my bedroom and sat on my bed `{`to do it`}`. It made me feel better.”

AF 7 years old

“It makes me feel calm and relaxed.”

JS 9 years old

“It made me feel all tingly and happy!”

DM 5 years old

“When my mum and dad were arguing I did some mindful colouring to stop crying.``

DI 8 years old

“I think that the videos are inspiring me to be relaxed. When I’m stressed I can just use this to help calm me down.”

HG 8 years old
Parent’s opinions

“I have seen a huge difference in H since starting to watch ‘The Mental Health Teacher’ videos. He now has a tool to help him to be calm in situations which would usually escalate to spells of anger! H uses the ‘Belly Breathing’ to help him to sleep each night. This is a time when his mind would wonder and sometimes his overthinking can cause anxiety so channelling his thoughts towards his breathing means he now drifts off into a calm sleep easily and quickly. We give ‘The Mental Health Teacher’ 10 out of 10!”

HG's mum

When C was arguing with her sister at the table on Christmas Day, I shouted at them to stop before they ruined our meal. C just closed her eyes and started breathing deeply, then opened them and carried on calmly eating her Christmas dinner. We all looked at each other in shock! ‘What we’re you doing C?!’ She said ‘It’s my mindful breathing, mum.’ It’s the first I’d heard of it but it certainly saved our Christmas!

SC paraphrased
Teacher’s opinions

‘I’ve been teaching for 30 years and this is one of the best interactive programs on the market. We love it. It’s great for teachers because we don’t have to do anything and we can learn how to calm down too, and it’s great for the pupils because they love the colourful animations and they feel great afterwards.’

MT Derby City

The Mental Health Teacher videos are great for remote learning because we simply send the YouTube link out and it’s all self explained, simply join in!

SS Derbyshire County Council